Opportunities relevant to your career aspirations

We are discreet, honest and we truly listen to what you want from a new position, company and manager We prioritise long-term relationships over short-term wins and we will wait until we find an opportunity that fits your career aspirations perfectly.

We know our markets so that we are also able to offer you honest, tailored advice about the different areas we recruit within; which companies recruit in which locations, what skill sets you need to succeed with them and who you need to be speaking to.

Multiple opportunities

We partner with multiple clients exclusively in the Risk, Data and Strategy Consulting markets. Not only does this mean you will not be able to see these roles from any other firm but also having met all of our clients we have unique knowledge that can help you succeed in the job interview. For example, the types of interview questions specific clients might ask, advice about what the Hiring Manager likes from an interviewee and advice about salary.

Working with Leadenhall can therefore increase your competitive advantage over fellow interviewees.