At Leadenhall Search we partner with our clients

We take an intelligent, consultative approach to deliver in-depth industry insights to you as well as understanding your company culture and ethos to provide you with the best, most suitable candidates. Our approach focuses on targeting passive candidates within market leading consultancies, FTSE 100 firms and Fintechs allowing you to access talent that you would otherwise not see.

We’re an APSCO approved recruitment firm and service the Permanent, Contract, Temporary and Executive Search market. The majority of our work is done on an exclusive, retained basis whilst we also engage in contingency based searches.

How we work


We know that acquiring the right skill set is of optimum importance but the team and company culture are equally vital to you. It is imperative that we know why this hire is important to you and the wider business so that we are fully equipped to properly represent your company to our candidates.


In the majority of cases, the ideal candidate will not be active on the market. We have strong and trusted relationships with the top-performing candidates in our verticals. We deliver quality solutions, quicker than our competitors whilst also giving you access to talents that would normally be hidden.


We will present you with 2–3 CVs per headcount based on high suitability. We understand that our clients are busy and hiring is a very small percentage of your overall job. By only representing top talent, we will save you time and allow you to make the best hire.

Client Project Examples

Example 1 -

This mandate was to build out the new Toronto office for a global, boutique, consultancy where they had no prior presence and base. This was also launched in the midst of COVID and its after effects. The mandate was to hire across number of levels. Not only was the market new to the client, it was also a market Leadenhall has not worked in before. The process involved market mapping, referrals from the US network to their Canadian peers and headhunting. We advised the client on the best interview process to undertake, the typical salary bandings to award candidates and the potential routes for seeking alternative profiles within a smaller pool of talent. As a result we have built the office up from 0 to 23 people since May 2020, have made 7 female hires in the last 12 months and there has been zero attrition since the office opened.

Example 2 -

Leadenhall Search is a long-standing partner of a leading TMT consultancy in their global growth. We have placed candidates across Italy, London, Mexico City, and all of the USA aiding their global dynamic growth across both consulting and Data & Technology. Both UK & US teams have focused on their diversity and inclusion hiring and targeted us on submitting gender diverse profiles across all levels, with a specific focus on senior levels. Whilst this did limit the number of profiles we could submit and increased the level of filtering for candidates we reviewed, we persevered with both providing gender diverse, as well as background diverse candidates to the client. As a result:

– 33% of candidates placed are female

– 5 out of the 32 candidates placed come from a non-traditional background from outside of consulting

– 13 out of the 32 candidates placed are ethnically diverse

Example 3 -

A global strategy client of ours uses us across multiple locations. We are working with them across all of Europe and last year we have partnered with them on their Munich hiring efforts. This is a less established office with less brand presence than some of the other offices of this consultancy, hence the search had to be a little more creative to attract the right talent. Moreover, the firm needed to employ candidates with German language skills, which within the Munich market is not necessarily that common unless the candidate is a German native. As part of our search for the company, we mapped the market in order to identify target boutique consultancies where candidates would be interested in a strong company brand despite its lower presence in the DACH market. We also searched for German speaking candidates outside of Munich, interested in relocating to Germany. As part of our partnership with the client, we suggested where use of the English version of the test was necessary, as well as advised on how foreign educational qualifications translate into the German criteria. As a result of our continuous close contact with the client, consultative approach, active feedback, suggestions and guidance we identified and placed candidates from more alternative backgrounds, which however suit the company and the role.