During my first month at Leadenhall, my days were structured to ensure a smooth onboarding experience. Each morning, I started with a productive 1:1 meeting with my manager to set daily and weekly tasks, as well as establish clear goals and expectations for the upcoming week. I appreciated the opportunity to dive into work immediately.

I also had the privilege of learning from account managers responsible for various clients, where they shared client insights and candidate requirements, allowing me to begin sourcing candidates promptly. The initial two weeks were particularly enriching, with comprehensive training sessions across different teams, covering essential aspects of recruitment, such as; candidate sourcing techniques, qualification calls, interview preparation, and deal closing strategies.

Moreover, I had the chance to observe client and candidate calls from various colleagues of mine, providing valuable insights into our expectations and enabling me to become effective in my own role.

Muskaan Tolani, Associate Consultant

I love the variety and the autonomy that the job offers. You are trusted to build out your own network and pipeline of candidates without having KPIs to meet, and you get out what you put in. I enjoy the fact I am constantly talking to new people and no two days are the same!

Imogen Kerr, Consultant

Leadenhall is a fun, tight-knit team, who support each other’s success. Leadenhall has a strong sense of camaraderie, and our non-hierarchical structure promotes easy, and open communication across the business. Everyone at Leadenhall has a voice and is heard when putting forward their ideas and opinions. We strive to be a motivating and inclusive environment, and want to ensure that all of our employees play a vital role in the companies success and future.

Sophia Paphitis, Head of Operations

Our graduate training programme is designed to supplement our practical 1-1 training. We take a collaborative approach to this training, with senior members across the business leading each session, offering bitesize insights into their areas of expertise. Through a variety of interactive learning methods, we aim for our Associate Consultants to finish the programme feeling more confident, following exposure to a diverse range of ideas and approaches to the job.

Bob Mitchell, Director of Risk and Regulatory recruitment

At Leadenhall, we are committed to developing and supporting the talented individuals we bring on. As well as our bespoke Associate Consultant training program, we also encourage professional development through internal and external training courses throughout your career with us.

We also place strong emphasis on good management and active, ongoing development though PDP's, quarterly reviews and frequent 1-1s with your direct manager as well as our internal team.

Millie Wheaton, Human Resources Advisor

We have 4 distinct practices here at Leadenhall:

- Advisory Consulting
- Strategy Consulting
- Data & Technology
- Risk Advisory

You join a team based on several factors including (most importantly!) your preference, who we think the best manager would be for you and which team is the busiest! We are always looking to grow new areas as we expand so later in your journey at Leadenhall you will have the opportunity to build out new markets for us if you’re keen to do so.

When it comes to progression at Leadenhall the parameters for each promotion are clearly outlined for all to see and we are a complete meritocracy. The majority of our team join at the graduate level and will look to be promoted twice in their first two years with the firm.

Michael Brown, Director of Operational Consulting

Leadenhall has given me the space to be able to bring on business early in my career and open up new areas. This has meant that I have been able to mould my career to how I want. It is an entrepreneurial environment which is exciting and fast pace and continues to challenge me.

Charlotte Steel, Associate Director

We are a hybrid workplace, which means we work in our London Bridge office together 3 days a week, and remotely twice a week. This model allows for greater flexibility, variation and work-life balance. When working from home, you will still have support and a strong line of contact to your team and manager.

Millie Wheaton, HR Advisor